Socialist International

The Labour Party is an Observer member of the Socialist International (SI) which is the worldwide organisation of social democratic, socialist and labour parties. It currently brings together 162 political parties and organisations from all continents. George Papandreou (former Prime Minster of Greece) has been President of the SI since 2006.

The Socialist International, whose origins go back to the early international organisations of the labour movement, has existed in its present form since 1951, when it was re-established at the Frankfurt Congress.

The supreme decision-making bodies of the International are the Congress, which meets every three to four years, and the Council, which includes all member parties and organisations and which meets twice a year.  The Labour Party is represented at Council and Congress meetings by members of its National Executive Committee and its International Manager.

George A. Papandreou, former President of PASOK, the organisation's member party in Greece, is President of the Socialist International, first elected in January 2006, and re-elected at the XXIII Congress. Luis Ayala (Chile) is the Secretary General, re-elected at the last Congress. The Vice-Presidents, who are also elected by the Congress, together with the President and the Secretary General, make up the Presidium of the International, the leadership of the organisation.

The secretariat of the Socialist International is located in London and coordinates the activities and initiatives of the International, convenes its meetings and conferences, issues statements and press releases and produces its publications.

The Socialist International Women is the international organisation of the women's organisations of the socialist, social democratic and labour parties affiliated to the Socialist International. There are currently 149 member organisations from all parts of the world. The aims and objectives of the Socialist International Women are:

The Socialist International Women is a non-governmental organisation with consultative status at the United Nations Economic and Social Council.

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