Membership Explained

It’s great that you’re thinking about becoming a member of the Labour Party. We thought you might have some questions, so here are a few answers to the ones we get asked the most:

Why should I join?

Our recent election defeat was hard, but that doesn’t mean we’re going to stop fighting for a fairer country.

We now have over 380,000 members keeping our movement strong and every single one of them is vital in ensuring we can build a bigger campaign that will succeed in the next election and continue to hold this Tory government to account in the meantime.

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How much is it and where does my money go?

We’ve got a wide range of rates so you might pay as little as £1 a year. Our standard rate starts at £3.92 a month and you can choose to pay more if you wish, as many of our members do.

Unlike the Tories, we don’t rely on a small number of super-wealthy donors. We rely on funds  from our dedicated members and your membership fee would provide a vital boost to our campaigning efforts. Without that money, we simply wouldn’t be able to run the Labour Party.

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Where could my membership take me?

As a member, you’ll be a key part of the team. You’ll be eligible to vote in leadership elections, you can help shape party policy, you can attend local meetings and you can even stand as a candidate.

So whether you want to chip in to help us reach our goals because you share our values, or because you have ambitions to serve your community and country, the only place to start is through joining the Labour Party as a member.

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Once I’ve joined -- what’s the next step?

We’ll send you a membership pack in the post shortly after you sign up, and you’ll be able to call yourself a card-carrying member of the Labour Party!

We’ll also help you get further involved with the party by sending you information about local campaigning events, campaign training sessions, and opportunities to share your ideas about our party’s policies.   

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If you’ve got more questions, you can send us a message using this form or call us on 0345 092 2299.

The Labour movement relies on the support of our members, so we’d love to welcome you on the team today.


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