It's time for a new approach to our railways

Labour will bring our railways into public ownership, keeping fares down

Labour's plan for a better railway

• Bring our railways into public ownership

• Keep fares down by running services on a not-for-profit basis

• Invest in our country and our railways, putting passengers before profit

The Conservatives are failing rail passengers

Since the Tories came to power rail fares have rocketed by 27% - that's a rise three times faster than the growth in wages. Some season tickets are up by over 40%.

Under-investment is leading to chaos and cost to commuters. We were told that higher fares would fund investment, but vital projects to improve reliability have been delayed for years. Passengers are paying even more to travel on increasingly overcrowded and unreliable trains.

Labour will put passengers first

The Tories can't admit it, but rail privatisation has been a failure. Every year, millions of pounds which could go on improvements is handed to shareholders. Rigid contracts make it harder to deal with overcrowding.

Labour will put passengers first, bringing rail into public ownership. Routes will naturally return to public ownership as private contracts expire, meaning profits can be re-invested to improve services & hold fares down.

Fares in your region

Find out how much season ticket prices have increased in your region (figures available in England only)

Season ticket2010 price2017 priceExtra% extra
Beeston - Nottingham£364£464£10027%
Carlton - Lincoln£1,792£2,268£47627%
Corby - London£6,202£7,804£1,60226%
Derby - Birmingham£2,448£3,200£75231%
Derby - Nottingham£1,108£1,440£33230%
Dronfield - Derby£2,256£2,856£60027%
Hucknall - Nottingham£472£596£12426%
Langley Mill - Derby£1,576£1,992£41626%
Leicester - Birmingham£2,688£3,516£82831%
Leicester - Derby£1,728£2,208£48028%
Leicester - Nottingham£1,472£1,892£42029%
Lincoln - Nottingham£1,792£2,268£47627%
Long Eaton - Derby£648£840£19230%
Loughborough - Nottingham£1,060£1,356£29628%
Mansfield - Nottingham£884£1,124£24027%
Northampton - London£4,128£5,412£1,28431%
Nottingham - Derby£1,108£1,440£33230%
Nottingham - Loughborough£1,060£1,356£29628%
Nottingham - Sheffield£2,260£2,864£60427%
Sutton Parkway - Nottingham£796£1,008£21227%
Whitwell - Mansfield£864£1,092£22826%
Worksop - Nottingham£1,372£1,736£36427%
Season ticket2010 price2017 priceExtra% extra
Bedford-London Thameslink£3,584£4,528£94426%
Cambridge - London £3,764£4,780£1,01627%
Great Yarmouth - Norwich£1,352£1,736£38428%
Harlow - London£2,748£3,496£74827%
Ipswich - London £5,036£6,324£1,28826%
Luton - Kettering£3,284£4,164£88027%
Luton - London (Thameslink)£3,224£4,032£80825%
Norwich - London£6,212£7,884£1,67227%
Norwich - London £6,212£7,884£1,67227%
Peterborough-London (Great Northern)£5,000£6,316£1,31626%
Watford Junction - London£2,392£3,004£61226%
Season ticket2010 price2017 priceExtra% extra
Abbey Wood - London Terminals£1,000£1,352£35235%
Acton Central - London (Zones 1-3)£1,208£1,548£34028%
Battersea Park - London£572£728£15627%
Brentford - London Waterloo£1,032£1,276£24424%
Cambridge Heath - London Zones 1 to 2£1,032£1,320£28828%
Charlton - London Terminals£760£1,024£26435%
Cricklewood - London Thameslink£752£960£20828%
Dagenham Dock - London Fenchurch Street£1,280£1,636£35628%
Denmark Hill - London Terminals£576£728£15226%
Drayton Park - London Zones 1 to 2£1,032£1,320£28828%
Earlsfield - London Bridge£752£960£20828%
East Croydon - London£1,352£1,704£35226%
Edmonton Green - London Liverpool Street£1,000£1,276£27628%
Eltham - London Terminals£1,000£1,352£35235%
Enfield Town - London Liverpool Street£1,200£1,636£43636%
Essex Road - London Zones 1 to 2£1,032£1,320£28828%
Forest Gate - London Liverpool Street£760£960£20026%
Grove Park - London Terminals£1,000£1,352£35235%
Hackney Downs - London Zones 1 to 2£1,032£1,320£28828%
Hayes and Harlington - London Paddington£1,280£1,636£35628%
Hendon - London Thameslink£752£960£20828%
Hornsey - London£752£960£20828%
Ilford - London Liverpool Street£1,000£1,276£27628%
Kentish Town - London Thameslink£572£728£15627%
Manor Park - London Liverpool Street£760£960£20026%
Mitcham Eastfields - London Terminals£780£980£20026%
New Cross - London Cannon Street£580£772£19233%
Penge West - London Bridge£1,036£1,304£26826%
Rainham - London Fenchurch Street£1,448£1,852£40428%
Seven Kings - London Liverpool Street£1,000£1,276£27628%
Seven Sisters - London Liverpool Street£752£960£20828%
South Bermondsey - London Bridge£576£728£15226%
South Greenford - London Paddington£1,000£1,276£27628%
Southall - London Paddington£1,000£1,276£27628%
Stoke Newington - London Zones 1 to 2£1,032£1,320£28828%
Streatham - London Bridge£780£980£20026%
Sudbury and Harrow Road - London Marylebone£1,000£1,276£27628%
Sudbury Hill Harrow - London Marylebone£1,000£1,276£27628%
Thornton Heath - London Victoria£1,036£1,304£26826%
Wandsworth Road - London Terminals£576£728£15226%
Wembley Stadium - London Marlyebone£1,000£1,276£27628%
West Dulwich - London Victoria£760£1,024£26435%
West Hampstead Thameslink - London Thameslink£572£728£15627%
Wood Street - London Liverpool Street£1,000£1,276£27628%
Season ticket2010 price2017 priceExtra% extra
Carlisle - Preston£4,608£5,852£1,24427%
Newcastle - Berwick on Tweed£3,288£4,172£88427%
Thornaby - Newcastle (any Permitted)£1,824£2,380£55630%
Season ticket2010 price2017 priceExtra% extra
Ashton-under-Lyne - Huddersfield£1,680£2,128£44827%
Birkenhead Central - Manchester£2,680£3,400£72027%
Bootle Oriel Road - Widnes£1,268£1,612£34427%
Bromborough - Crewe (via Chester)£1,768£2,344£57633%
Chester - Crewe£1,424£1,892£46833%
Chester - Manchester (any permitted route)£2,168£2,908£74034%
Crewe - Liverpool£2,312£2,936£62427%
Ellesmere Port - Crewe (via Chester)£1,768£2,344£57633%
Liverpool Lime Street - Manchester Stations£2,396£3,044£64827%
Liverpool Lime Street - Manchester Stations£2,396£3,044£64827%
Liverpool South Parkway - Manchester Oxford Road£2,396£3,044£64827%
Manchester Airport - Huddersfield£2,560£3,248£68827%
Manchester Picadilly - Liverpool Lime Street£2,396£3,044£64827%
Morecambe - Lancaster£416£548£13232%
Salford Crescent - Chorley£1,532£1,912£38025%
Stalybridge - Leeds£2,188£2,776£58827%
Season ticket2010 price2017 priceExtra% extra
Brighton - London£3,556£4,536£98028%
Brighton - London£3,556£4,536£98028%
Chatham (HS1) - London£3,808£4,992£1,18431%
Chatham (non HS1) - London £3,068£4,028£96031%
Dover Priory (HS1) - London£4,648£6,320£1,67236%
Dover Priory (non HS1) - London£3,880£5,324£1,44437%
Epsom - London Victoria or Waterloo (any permitted route)£1,680£2,152£47228%
Hastings or Rye (HS1) - London St Pancras£4,608£6,268£1,66036%
Hastings or Rye (non HS1) - London£3,840£5,024£1,18431%
Haywards Heath - Brighton£1,128£1,428£30027%
Hove - London£3,556£4,536£98028%
Lewes - Brighton£1,0161288£27227%
Maidenhead - London Paddington£2,360£2,988£62827%
Milton Keynes - London£3,832£5,028£1,19631%
Oxford - London Paddington£3,880£4,920£1,04027%
Reading - London£3,388£4,308£92027%
Slough - London Paddington£2,004£2,540£53627%
Southampton Central - London Waterloo (any permitted route)£4,288£5,504£1,21628%
Three Bridges - London£2,804£3,572£76827%
Weybridge - London Waterloo (any permitted route)£2,272£2,868£59626%
Season ticket2010 price2017 priceExtra% extra
Bristol Temple Meads - Bath Spa£1,228£1,580£35229%
Bristol Temple Meads - Cardiff Central£2,288£2,956£66829%
Bristol Temple Meads - Cardiff Central£2,288£2,956£66829%
Exeter St David - Bristol Temple Meads£4,004£5,080£1,07627%
Gloucester - Cheltenham£744£960£21629%
Keynsham - Bristol Temple Meads£680£876£19629%
Parson Street - Weston-super-Mare£1,484£1,876£39226%
Plymouth - Exeter St Davids£2,572£3,256£68427%
Plymouth - Newton Abbot£1,748£2,216£46827%
Southampton - Portsmouth£1,788£2,216£42824%
Stroud - Birmingham£3,532£4,628£1,09631%
Swindon - Bristol Temple Meads£2,628£3,332£70427%
Swindon - London£6,640£8,436£1,79627%
Season ticket2010 price2017 priceExtra% extra
Acocks Green - Warwick Parkway£1,144£1,480£33629%
Birmingham - London (Virgin)£8,028£10,200£2,17227%
Birmingham Moor Street - Warwick£1,114£1,468£35432%
Birmingham New Street - Stafford£1,424£1,808£38427%
Bloxwich - Nuneaton£2,228£3,184£95643%
Burton on Trent - Derby£1,060£1,380£32030%
Coleshill Parkway - Leicester£2,688£3,516£82831%
Coseley - Crewe£2,823£3,592£76927%
Coventry - London Euston (any permitted route)£7,096£9,016£1,92027%
Coventry - Northampton£1,476£1,872£39627%
Coventry - Oxford£3,388£4,440£1,05231%
Erdington - Lichfield City£832£1,056£22427%
Hall Green - Stratford-upon-avon£1,180£1,488£30826%
Kidsgrove - Stoke-on-Trent£628£788£16025%
Leamington Spa - Coventry£844£1,096£25230%
Longton - Derby£1,884£2,392£50827%
Northfield - Redditch £764£964£20026%
Nuneaton - Coventry (not via Birmingham)£868£1,096£22826%
Old Hill - Stafford£1,424£1,808£38427%
Perry Barr - Nuneaton£1,780£2,340£56031%
Redditch - Birmingham£1,056£1,336£28027%
Rugby - London (Virgin)£6,280£7,844£1,56425%
Rugeley Trent Valley - Stoke on Trent£1,748£2,220£47227%
Selly Oak - Redditch £764£964£20026%
Smethwick Galton Bridge - Worcester Stations£996£1,264£26827%
Stafford - Birmingham£1,424£1,808£38427%
Stoke-on-Trent - Manchester Piccadilly £2,316£3,036£72031%
Stoke-on-Trent - Milton Keynes Central£5,320£7,068£1,74833%
Stourbridge - Worcester£996£1,264£26827%
Tame Bridge Parkway - Nuneaton£1,948£2,788£84043%
Tamworth - Birmingham (any permitted route)£1,164£1,516£35230%
Telford Central - Wolverhampton£1,068£1,364£29628%
University (Birmingham) - Redditch£1,028£1,332£30430%
Walsall - Burton on Trent£2,120£2,768£64831%
Wolverhampton - Shrewsbury£1,564£1,980£41627%
Wolverhampton - Stoke-on-Trent£1,944£2,540£59631%
Worcester - Birmingham£1,064£1,348£28427%
Season ticket2010 price2017 priceExtra% extra
Cleethorpes - Scunthorpe£1,852£2,344£49227%
Cross Gates - York£1,756£2,232£47627%
Doncaster - Scunthorpe£1,560£1,976£41627%
Grimsby Town - Scunthorpe£1,788£2,264£47627%
Hull - Leeds£3,328£4,224£89627%
Leeds - Manchester£2,416£3,064£64827%
Leeds - Manchester (any permitted route)£2,416£3,064£64827%
Leeds - Sheffield (any permitted route)£1,940£2,340£40021%
Scunthorpe - Sheffield Meadowhall£2,004£2,544£54027%
Sheffield - Derby£2,256£2,856£60027%
Sheffield Meadowhall - Leeds£1,940£2,452£51226%
Slaithwaite - Leeds£1,128£1,408£28025%
York - Leeds (any permitted route)£1,756£2,232£47627%

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