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The Shadow Chancellor, John McDonnell, is convening a series of public events to broaden the debate around economics in Britain. A range of experts will present their views at a number of events across the country, with questions from members of the public.

All participants speak for themselves, rather than for the Labour Party or the Shadow Chancellor, but we hope that the themes which emerge will help inform conversations about economic policy across the board.

Please check back as further events will be added in due course.

“Economic Policy: from market fixing to market creating and shaping” with Mariana Mazzucato, RM Phillips Professor in the Economics of Innovation, SPRU, University of Sussex and author of The Entrepreneurial State: debunking public vs. private sector myths


“Technology and the future world of work” with Francesca Bria (Senior Project Lead, Nesta), Nick Srnicek (author of Inventing the Future) and Daniel Susskind (Balliol College, Oxford, author of The Future of the Professions)

“The new economics” speech by John McDonnell, the Shadow Chancellor
Lecture, Tuesday 16th February 6.30pm – 8pm, The Sheik Zayed Theatre, London School of Economics.

"Rewriting the rules of the market economy to achieve shared prosperity" with Joseph Stiglitz (author of The Price of Inequality and winner of Nobel Prize in Economics 2001)
Lecture, Wednesday 2nd March 2.30pm – 4.30pm, Birkbeck College, London.

John McDonnell, the Shadow Chancellor, in conversation with Danny Dorling (University of Oxford) on housing
Lecture, Tuesday 8th March – 6.30pm – 9pm, Bracknell. Listen to a recording of this event.

"A balanced and sustainable economy" with Ha-Joon Chang (Reader in the Political Economy of Development, University of Cambridge, and author of Economics: The User’s Guide) and Dr Johnna Montgomerie (Lecturer in Economics, Goldsmiths, University of London) hosted by John McDonnell MP, the Shadow Chancellor.
Lecture, Thursday 10th March, 6.30 to 8:30pm. The Space, Roundtree Way, Norwich, NR7 8SQ.

Lesley Brennan (economist and MSP) and Christine Cooper (Professor of Accounting, Strathcylde University) on the Scottish economy in 2050.
Panel debate, 20th March 7pm – 9pm, Bonar Hall, Dundee, DD1 1PB.

Yanis Varoufakis (former Finance Minister of Greece) and Anastasia Nesvetailova (City Political Economy Research Centre, City University) on finance
Lecture, 30th March 6.30pm – 8.30pm, London.

"Framing the economic narrative" with Simon Wren-Lewis and Ann Pettifor
Lecture, Thursday 7th April, 6:30 to 8:30pm. Trinity Centre - Trinity Rd Bristol, Avon BS2 0NW GB. Listen to a recording of this event.

Paul Mason (author of bestselling book Postcapitalism) and Adrienne Roberts (University of Manchester) on economic policy amid global slowdown - a view from the North.
Lecture, 20th April 6.30pm – 8.30pm, Manchester.


The Shadow Chancellor’s ‘State of the economy’ conference
Saturday 21st May. 11am – 5pm with Ha-Joon Chang, Richard Murphy, Anastasia Nesvetailova, Jonathon Portes, Adrienne Roberts, Anneliese Dodds MEP and many more.

Frances O’Grady, General Secretary of the TUC and John McDonnell on a 21st Century Industrial Policy.
Lecture, 28th July 7pm – 9pm, Oxford. Please register to attend here.

The New Economics comes to Cornwall with James Meadway (Labour’s Economic Adviser) and John McDonnell.
Panel, 30th July 3pm – 5pm, Liskeard. Please register to attend here.

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The Shadow Chancellor, John McDonnell, is convening a series of public events to broaden the debate around economics in Britain.…

The New Economics