John O'Farrell for Eastleigh

JohnAsking for money is never an easy thing to do. But here I am, doing it anyway. 

You might have heard that I've just been selected as Labour's candidate in Eastleigh. I've been through all of this once before back in 2001, and I know just how expensive these campaigns can be.

So, here comes the awkward part: can you donate whatever you can to my campaign, here in Eastleigh right now? It only takes a couple of minutes and just £5 can make all the difference.

I want to run a different kind of campaign because I don't think I'm your normal kind of candidate. The residents of Eastleigh may have voted for a Lib Dem candidate in 2010, but all that got them was a Tory Government propped up by Lib Dem votes.

I think we'd all like to change the face of politics one step at a time and you can help me. Donate what you can now.




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