Fairness in tough times: Labour's Party Political Broadcast

29 February 2012

ed milibandThe Labour Party’s Party Political Broadcast, ‘Fairness in tough times’ will be shown this evening (Wednesday February 29 2012).

In the broadcast, Ed Miliband MP, Leader of the Labour Party, talks about how only Labour can deliver fairness in tough times.

Ed Miliband says in the election broadcast:

“Families like yours are paying the price for the financial crisis. We live in tough times, but I believe in a simple truth: we can still make a difference, even when there is less money around.

“We believe in responsibility - from the benefits office to the boardroom. Those who make a contribution to their communities should get rewarded for it by getting priority with social housing.

“And we’ve got to sort out those bankers’ bonuses. For too long those at t he top including the banks and some newspapers thought they could do whatever they liked. We would tax bankers’ bonuses to create 100,000 jobs for our young people.

“We will take action against powerful vested interests - without fear and without favour.

“We would stand up for families struggling to pay bills by taking on the train firms and stopping them ripping you off, and we would force the electricity companies to offer the lowest price for five million elderly and vulnerable people.

“And in these tough times it’s more important than ever that every penny of taxpayers’ money – of your money - is spent wisely. The Government is wasting billions on a bureaucratic shake up of our National Health Service. We would use some of that money to save the jobs of 6000 nurses.

“Labour will always make different choices. But tough times mean making tough decisions. That’s why we would put saving jobs in our public services before pay rises ri ght now.

“The Tories and Liberal Democrats in this Government are just out of touch. Labour is with you - for you, your family, for the next generation. The Labour Party is changing - and together we can deliver fairness even in these tough times.”