Willie Walsh has highlighted Government's lack of a plan for growth - Umunna

15 March 2012

Chuka UmunnaChuka Umunna MP, Labour’s Shadow Business Secretary, responding to comments made by Willie Walsh, CEO of International Airlines Group which owns British Airways at the British Chambers of Commerce conference, said:

“Willie Walsh’s critique of the Government is devastating, highlighting its lack of an effective plan for growth and failure to provide the confidence and certainty which businesses need.
“Mr Walsh’s comments chime with what the Business Secretary Vince Cable has himself acknowledged: that the Government lacks vision and ambition and has not done enough to build certainty and the confidence for business to invest.

“In light of Ministers’ countless decisions which have thrown policy certainty for business out of the window – such as the wrecking of feed in tariffs and abandoning of the defence industrial strategy, they would do well to reflect on what Mr Walsh has said.

Labour’s five point plan for jobs and growth would get the economy moving again, bringing forward essential infrastructure projects and giving a temporary National Insurance tax break to all small firms taking on extra workers.”