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Tell us why you're Labour

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Why I'm Labour...

  • "I am a student and this conservative-led government shows little regard for the welfare and future for the younger generation and student population of this country."
    Andy Beesley

  • "Because I believe in opportunities for the many not the few and only Labour strives to achieve this."
    Patricia Innes

  • "Because I have responsibility to those who haven't had the good luck and opportunities that I have. Only Labour recognises the true meaning of big society."
    Laura Clarke

  • "I am labour through and through, because I am a firm believer in the labour policies. I also believe in a place were no matter your background you can achieve anything you want, only possible under labour. "
    Eleanor Sumner

  • "I am Labour because I believe in a Britain that is fair. Where the strong and fortunate have a responsibility to the weak and to society as a whole. I believe in a Britain where a person who works hard is rewarded. And I am Labour because they are the party that represents these values. "
    Beth Fuller

  • "I'm Labour because Labour is the only party that really cares about the NHS, one of the best healthcare systems in the world. While the Conservatives want to privatise the NHS, Labour maintains that it should be free for everybody. That's why I support Labour. "
    Samuel Glover

  • "I feel that the country is drifting in the wrong direction .I want to get involved the politics of conviction and social ideals that the Labour Party represents"
    Elijah Moshinsky

  • "Because I know we were better off under The Labour Goverment, and now we have a Younger Labour leader in Ed Milliband, we have someone who is in tune and is willing to listen and take notice and act. the Shadow Chancellor also knows what he is doing unlike George Osborne."
    sharon stephens

  • "I believe in fairness, equality and opportunity. I believe in free healthcare and support for those that need it. I believe that the labour party is the only party able to provide these. We need to be in a strong position to challenge the tories at the next election and provide the electorate with believable progressive policies that they can support."
    Ray Hanna

  • "I am a supporter of the Labour Party,because,even in tough times, the Party stands up,ultimately, for what is not only right;but what is fair. I believe in their vision for our future; A future for for all, which I believe that only they can deliver. "
    Qaiss Afrouk

  • "Because as part of North West Young Labour's youth homelessness campaign, me and my friends slept rough; I never want to have to do it for real"
    Tori Rigby