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Ever since this global financial crisis started, David Cameron has been out of his depth and his judgement has been wrong.  He has shown a talent for making headlines on the hoof but with no care for the consequences for families and businesses.  David Cameron welcomed a report which proposed removing every regulation and protection for mortgage-holders; he would have let Northern Rock and Bradford and Bingley go to the wall; and his plans on fuel duty would now mean 10p extra tax on petrol.

David Cameron is virtually alone in opposing an urgent boost to the economy – against the advice of the International Monetary Fund, the Governor of the Bank of England, the CBI and the Institute of Directors.

Labour refuses to abandon people in these tough times.  But while we will act to provide real help now for families and businesses to come through the downturn sooner and stronger, David Cameron would do nothing but sit back and watch as the downturn got deeper and longer. Britain cannot afford David Cameron’s schoolboy errors.

David Cameron's economic policy