Join the Thousand Club

The Thousand Club is a group of like-minded Labour supporters coming together and making a real difference to furthering Labour values. When you become a part of this group you will be invited to bi-annual receptions and other networking opportunities, receive a pass to our Annual Conference, and help to fund our campaigns.

The Thousand Club has been built upon the premise that those with the broadest shoulders should bear the greatest burden and we ask you to please join us today to support the Labour cause.

Chris Bryant MP, Thousand Club President

Contact details

Harriet Rimbault, Thousand Club Officer
020 7783 1054

Join the Thousand Club

Joining the Thousand Club takes five minutes.

Join the Vice President’s Tier

Joining the Vice President’s Tier takes five minutes.

Join the President’s Tier

Joining the President’s Tier takes five minutes.

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