The Tory-led Government: A programme for no change

8 May 2012

RoseTo mark the two year anniversary of the Downing Street Rose Garden press conference, Labour has produced a document entitled "The Tory-led Government: A programme for no change", which returns to the original Coalition Agreement to reveal that the Tory-led Government is failing to deliver the change they promised - and failing to deliver the change the country needs.

Two years ago, amid smiles in the Downing Street Rose Garden, David Cameron and Nick Clegg promised change. But things have got worse, not better, as this Government has failed to live up to its own rhetoric.

Only an out of touch Prime Minister would be complacent enough to be two years into government, deliver a double dip recession and over a million young people unemployed, and then say that the lesson he has learned is that he needs to put in some "hard work", before offering people more of the same.

As the attached document shows, it’s not the Government’s communications strategy that is the problem - it’s their failure.