Ed Miliband: It's time for change... and we must too

6 May 2012

ed milibandEd Miliband MP, Leader of the Labour Party, in today's Sunday Mirror, said:

While politicians have spent the last couple of days thinking about the local elections that happened on Thursday, I’m fairly sure that's not what has been top of most people's list of concerns.

They are worried about the squeeze on living standards, about a country that seems to work for a few at the top but not for them.

I am in politics to change that, to make Britain work for you.

More and more people are seeing through David Cameron - the tax cuts for millionaires, the failed economic experiment, the Government that listens to the banks or Rupert Murdoch, but not to you.

More and more people are putting their trust in Labour. But in the elections last week many people stayed at home… they think all politicians are the same, that none of us will keep our promises.

My mission is to show you that we can be different. I'm not going to try and convince you by promising the Earth then failing to deliver.

I want to offer change you can believe in. This week the Government will set out their priorities for the new laws to be brought before Parliament this year.

I fear there will be little in the programme for working families.

If Labour was in power we would be standing up for you. Cheaper energy bills for over-75s. Stopping train fare rip offs. Standing up to the banks. Making fair choices on tax.

And we would be take action to get our economy moving, bringing in a five-point plan for jobs and growth, especially for young people.

Labour lost badly two years ago. We had lost touch. We are coming back because we have listened. We have heard the message that our country isn't working for ordinary people, just a few at the top.

I know we have further to go. People want to know how we are standing up for them, for those who don't have special access or privileges.

In the weeks and months ahead, I am determined to show how Labour is changing so we can change the country and serve the people once again.