Ed Miliband: Thursday is a chance for change

2 May 2012

ed milibandEd Miliband MP, Leader of the Labour Party, speaking to students at Taunton's College in Southampton on the final day of campaigning in local elections, said:

"People have a chance to vote in elections tomorrow. But some will ask whether elections ever make a difference.

"They remember how David Cameron once promised change but things have not got better.

"Instead we have a Budget for millionaires while millions are forced to pay more. We have families being squeezed while bankers still get their bonuses. And we have more than one million young unemployed while the Government just shrugs its shoulders.

"We know where this Government's priorities lie: for the rich and powerful. We saw it in the Budget, we see it in their dealings with Rupert Murdoch.

"But these elections matter because Labour is campaigning for a very different set of priorities.

"Throughout the country, Labour is showing that we can make different choices, decisions which help people through these tough times.

"Different choices to create jobs, cut electricity bills, halt fare increases, tax bankers and halt the raid on pensioners' incomes.

"Labour stands for the people who don't get special access, or favours. We stand for the young people looking for work, the people whose living standards are squeezed, the pensioners seeing their taxes going up.

"That is the choice at these elections: a Labour party standing for the many, or a Tory party that protects the rich and powerful.

"Tomorrow I urge people to vote Labour for real change to help people in tough times."