The HASC is right that the IPCC needs to change and be replaced by a new Police Standards Authority - Cooper

1 February 2013

Yvette Cooper

Yvette Cooper MP, Labour’s Shadow Home Secretary, responding to the HASC report into the Independent Police Complaints Commission, said:

“The Home Affairs Select Committee is right that the IPCC is not strong enough to tackle the problem when policing goes wrong.

“That is why I called for radical reform of police accountability last year, including replacing the IPCC with a new Police Standards Authority.

“For the public to have confidence in the high standards of British policing, they also need to know that there will be swift, robust action when policing goes wrong.

"Yet this report highlights a series of problems with the operations, powers, resources and support for victims within the current IPCC that the Home Secretary has not addressed.

“Nor has Theresa May looked at the wider issues around how the police learn from mistakes, develop new systems and resilience to deal with corruption or malpractice, and how victims get justice.

“High quality effective policing demands high quality standards and accountability when things go wrong. That is why standards and accountability will be a key component in Labour’s police reform programme following the publication of the Stevens Commission report.”