Pupil premium and grammar school places - response by Twigg

12 December 2011

Stephen TwiggStephen Twigg MP, Labour’s Shadow Education Secretary, has responded to today’s media reports on the pupil premium and a proposed expansion of grammar school places, said:

“Additional money being given to support pupils from more deprived backgrounds is welcome. However, it does not make up for what independent analysts say are the biggest cuts in education spending since the 1950s.

“My real concern with the pupil premium is there is no process of accountability. Some schools will no doubt use the money effectively to improve attainment for children from poorer backgrounds. But because Michael Gove will not give guidance to headteachers on ways to do that, nor monitor how the money is being used, we have no way of knowing what the Pupil Premium is being spent on. Both parents and taxpayers rightly want reassurance that public money is being used wisely.”

Stephen Twigg said on grammar school places:

“This u-turn by the Government on expanding grammar school places is worrying. Nick Gibb had promised that parents would have the right to appeal to the schools’ adjudicator on the expansion of grammar schools.

“But they are now trying to sneak through changes which would take that power off parents. The Government should put the wishes of local parents ahead of a desire to push through more educational selection at 11.”