Reponding to the pubilcation of the review in the Edlington case - Twigg

16 November 2012

Stephen TwiggStephen Twigg MP, Labour's Shadow Education Secretary, commenting on the publication of the review into the Edlington case, said:

"This case of children torturing other children was unspeakable in its brutality, and has revulsed us all.

"I would like to thank Lord Carlile for his review of the case and the investigation of Doncaster's children's services by Ofsted.

"While it shows that services have improved, they are still not good enough. Further action is required to strengthen the protection of children.

"However, ensuring children are safe from harm is not just the responsibility of one council. Agencies across the country need to make sure they learn the lessons from this horrific case and take heed of Lord Carlile's recommendations."