Police and Crime Commissioners Elections 2012

2 December 2011

Ahead of the elections next November, Labour wants to hear from a diverse range of candidates, from all walks of life, who are interested in becoming a Police and Crime Commissioner in the area in which they live.
Labour at a national and local level is committed to making our communities safer places to live, to reduce crime and work with the police in the difficult job that they do.

Crime fell by 43% under Labour, but with the Tory-led Government cutting over 16,000 police officers and having no strategy to cut crime, that record is under threat.
Next year sees elections to the new position of Police and Crime Commissioners, replacing existing Police Authorities. Elections will be held in every police area in England and Wales outside London on 15 November 2012.  
We want to find the best candidates possible who share our values and understand the challenge ahead.
Labour is seeking candidates who will:
* Be committed to building on Labour’s record falls in crime and action to tackle anti-social behaviour in their local area
* Have the strategic vision to both support and hold to account the Chief Constable in building confidence in the police, promoting community safety, reducing crime and antisocial behaviour, determining local policing priorities and contributing to action on national priorities such as organised crime and prevention of terrorist activity.  
* Be champions for the communities in which they live
* Engage with the public and local communities and work to protect neighbourhood policing – a flagship Labour reform – which is being threatened by the scale of the Government’s cuts
* Be committed to working in partnership with other criminal justice agencies, local government, voluntary agencies and community groups to strengthen community safety and to prevent crime.
* Have the skills to lead a dynamic, complex, forward-looking organisation, accountable to local people
* Be able to offer strategic lead on policing issues
* Have a commitment to the values and ideals of the Labour Party
* At all times recognising and respecting the operational independence of the Chief Constable and fully-sworn officers

The role of the Police and Crime Commissioner will be to:

* set the strategic direction and objectives of the police force with the Chief Constable hold the Chief Constable to account
* decide the budget and set the precept, along with the Policing and Crime Panel
* appoint the Chief Constable
* maintain an efficient and effective police force for the police area;
* provide the local link between the police and communities

Prospective Labour candidates can request further information by emailing PCC@labour.org.uk or clicking here