Vicky Foxcroft

MP for Lewisham Deptford

Vicky has lived in Lewisham Deptford for over a decade and was a Councillor for Brockley ward until May 2014, when she stepped down to concentrate on the General Election.

Vicky has a history of campaigning energetically in Lewisham Deptford for more social housing and the living wage. She also played an active role in the hugely successful Save Lewisham Hospital A&E Campaign.

She has worked at Unite the Union since 2002 where she fought for agency workers’ rights and a fair wage for all workers. She has recently had success in delivering the living wage in many large employers in the finance sector.

Locally Vicky is campaigning for more employment opportunities within the community and she is also passionate about protecting public services, including health, education and emergency services.

Jeremy Corbyn

Leader of the Labour Party

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Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer

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Shadow Foreign Secretary

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