Promoting Diversity

Building a Representative Parliament

The Labour Party is committed to increasing the representation of women and under-represented groups in Parliament and at every level of politics. We are proud to have more women and BAME MPs than all of the other political parties put together, and proud of our action to tackle the under-representation of women in Parliament, including changing the law to allow political parties to use All-Women Shortlists to select parliamentary candidates. We recognise that there is more to do until Parliament accurately reflects the society it serves, and will continue to work with other parties and Government to ensure that we are doing everything we can to play our part.

We are working with the Government Equalities Office to promote the Access to Elected Office Fund, which aims to provide financial support to disabled people facing financial barriers to getting selected or elected. You can find out more about the fund here and more about the Government Equalities Office here.

We are happy to publish data of candidates selected below, in line with recommendations from the Speaker's Conference on Parliamentary Selection and also the Government Equalities Office. For more information contact

Candidates selected in 2010

Male 69.7%
Female 30.3%
Asian 5.2%
Black 1.0%
Mixed 1.1%
White British 88.7%
White European 1.7%
White Other 0.8%
Not specified 0.3%
Disability 1.6%

Candidates Selected in 2015

Male 61.4%
Female 38.6%
Asian 6.5%
Black 0.6%
Mixed 1.0%
White British 82.8%
White European 1.6%
White Other 1.3%
Not Specified 0.0%
Disability 1.6%
LGBT 4.5%

Candidates Selected in 2017

Male 59.5%
Female 40.5%
Asian 6.3%
Black 1.6%
Mixed 0.8%
White British 68.7%
White European 1.0%
White Other 1.7%
Other Ethnic Group 0.6%
Disability 4.6%
LGBT 7.1%


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