NEC Committees

Roles and Responsibilities of the NEC Committees


The Officers of the National Executive Committee are:

• Leader of the Labour Party

• Deputy Leader of the Labour Party

• Chair of the NEC

• Vice-Chair of the NEC

• Treasurer of the NEC

• Party Chair

• Chair of Organisation Committee

• NEC Co-Convenor of the JPC

• Chair of the National Policy Forum (when a member of the NEC)

• Chair of the Disputes Panel


NEC Joint Committees comprise those committees that are made up of NEC members, government and other members as detailed below.

Joint Policy Committee

The JPC has strategic oversight of policy development in the party through overseeing the rolling programme of Partnership in Power. The JPC acts as the steering group for the National Policy Forum. It is therefore a joint committee made up of NEC, Government and National Policy Forum representatives.

NEC Co-convenor: Mary Turner


The following are sub-committees of the NEC.

Equalities Committee:

The Equalities Committee roles and responsibilities include:

• Women’s recruitment, retention and participation in the Party in elected office and the development of women’s forums at local level

• Black, Asian and ethnic minority recruitment, retention and participation in the Party

• Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender representation and participation within the Party

• Disability access and increased representation and participation of members with disabilities

• Considering effective Party responses to Employment Framework Directive based on Article 13 (Treaty on European Union) and the European Union Action Programme to Combat Discrimination

• Responsibility for driving the Party’s equality agenda and the development of an inclusive organisation at all levels

• Link with Organisation Committee and Young Labour Co-ordinating Committee on issues of age discrimination

• Biannual womens’ forum

• Biannual ethnic minorities forum

Chair: Keith Birch

Business Board

The Business Board is responsible for overseeing the business functions of the organisation including the management of the finances.

Chair: Diana Holland

Audit, Risk Management and Compliance Committee.

The Audit, Risk Management and Compliance Committee has responsibility for audit and compliance oversight, and is accountable for internal audit procedures providing a systematic approach to risk management in all of the Party's activities. The Committee ensures that the Labour Party's financial activities are within the law, and that an effective system of internal control is maintained.

Chair: George Howarth MP

Organisation Committee

The Organisation Committee is responsible for party rules and constitution; ensuring parties are operating effectively throughout the country to the highest standards and has overall responsibility for membership, investigations, selections, Conferences, electoral law, boundaries strategy and internal elections.

Chair: Jim Kennedy

Disputes Panel

The NEC Disputes Panel is a panel of the NEC Organisation Committee which hears membership appeals; re-admission applications; party disputes and conciliation; minor investigations and local government appeals where referred to the NEC. It operates in a quasi-judicial fashion, conducting hearings and interviews around the country where necessary.

Chair: Ann Black

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