Manifesto 2015: Changing Britain Together

In May 2015, Britain will make a choice which will define Britain’s future: between five more years of a failed Tory plan which is working just for a privileged few, or a Labour plan to change our economy so that it works for everyone.

We believe that people want change, and that’s what we plan to deliver. Labour’s manifesto for 2015 will set out a bold new plan FOR Britain’s future; a plan not just to clear the deficit but to build a better future for ordinary families, to save our NHS and turn decisively away from a Tory government run for the few.

In changing our politics, and in changing our country, Labour knows that we need to reach out to everyone, to hear the views and stories of people and learn how best our agenda for change can meet their needs and aspirations.

So this Autumn, in towns and cities across Britain, Labour invites you to join us in a conversation about the challenges facing our communities and Labour’s plan to take them on – and what change could mean for you.

Find an event near you and sign up here:

22nd November - venue TBC

West Midlands
14th/15th November - Warwick

East Midlands
Tuesday 9th December - Nottingham

15th November - Teesside

North West
25th October - Manchester

South West
27th November - Bristol

South East
5th November - Crawley

6pm Wednesday 22nd October – GMB office, Newport road, Cardiff.

1st November - Cambridge

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