Leaving a legacy to the Labour Party

Guided by its values of fairness, justice, tolerance, decency and compassion the Labour Party has delivered so much for so many and continues to do so. 

In the hundred years since the first Labour MPs were elected in 1906, Labour governments have been responsible for some of the key social reforms implemented in Britain including:

• founding the National Health Service
• creating the Open University
• setting of a minimum wage
• introduced legislation to combat race and sex discrimination
• creating Sure Start centres

In the world today our Labour government has made life better for millions of the poorest people by cancelling third world debt. 

Membership of the Labour Party provides us with so many ways to put our values into action including donating vital funds without which the party could not operate. 

But, as Labour members we also benefit in many other ways; the comradeship we share with other members, gaining new skills and experience, the opportunity to stand for election as a Labour candidate and the campaign support needed to get elected. 

Membership provides real opportunity to make a difference and to be part of history. 

Including a legacy gift to the Labour Party in your will is a very special way to ensure that we can continue to build upon our past achievements and that our values will live on from one generation to another.

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