Labour’s National Executive Committee

The work of the NEC

The National Executive Committee is the governing body of the Labour Party that oversees the overall direction of the party and the policy-making process. It carries out this role by setting strategic objectives on an annual basis and meeting regularly to review the work of the party in these areas.

All members of the NEC are members of the National Policy Forum. This body oversees the development of party policy through a rolling programme of policy development. Throughout the year, NEC members participate with shadow government ministers in Labour Party policy commissions that prepare reports on different areas of policy which are then presented to and consulted on with the party membership before going to annual conference.

This forms the basis of Labour’s general election manifesto. The NEC is also responsible for upholding the rules of the party and propriety of Labour selection processes.

Who’s on the NEC?

The NEC is structured so as to represent all key stakeholders in the party.



Leader of the Labour Party Jeremy Corbyn
Deputy Leader of the Labour Party Tom Watson
Treasurer Diana Holland
Opposition Front Bench  Rebecca Long-Bailey
Opposition Front Bench  Angela Eagle
Opposition Front Bench  Jonathan Ashworth
EPLP Leader  Glenis Willmott MEP
Young Labour Bex Bailey
Div. I - Trade Unions Keith Birch
Div. I - Trade Unions Jim Kennedy
Div. I - Trade Unions Andi Fox
Div. I - Trade Unions Paddy Lillis (Chair)
Div. I - Trade Unions Wendy Nichols
Div. I -Trade Unions Andy Kerr
Div. I - Trade Unions Martin Mayer
Div. I - Trade Unions Mary Turner
Div. I - Trade Unions Jennie Formby
Div. I - Trade Unions Cath Speight
Div. I - Trade Unions Pauline McCarthy
Div. I - Trade Unions Jamie Bramwell
Div. II - Socialist Societies James Asser
Div. II - Socialist Societies Keith Vaz MP
Div. III - CLPs Ken Livingstone
Div. III - CLPs Johanna Baxter
Div. III - CLPs Ann Black
Div. III - CLPs Ellie Reeves (Vice Chair)
Div. III - CLPs Christine Shawcroft
Div. III - CLPs Pete Willsman
Div. IV - Labour Councillors Jim McMahon
Div. IV - Labour Councillors Alice Perry
Div. V - PLP/EPLP Margaret Beckett
Div. V - PLP/EPLP Dennis Skinner MP
Div. V - PLP/EPLP Steve Rotheram MP


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