Labour Party Conference is the sovereign body in the party’s policy-making process.

Party members participate in the shaping of Labour’s policy throughout the year by feeding in ideas to the National Policy Forum.  Every year the NPF presents policy documents to Conference which shapes the debate all week.  Delegates also have the opportunity to attend seminars to discuss specific policy areas.

Delegates are nominated to represent all sections of the Labour Party and ensure that from the grass roots up, a full spectrum of views and opinions are heard, from the trade unions and socialist societies to local constituencies. CLP Delegates must have been members for 12 months at the closing date of applications, as per the Labour Party Rule Book.

The relevant section of The Labour Party’s procedural rules regarding Annual Conference reads as follows:

Chapter 3, Clause 1, Rule 4F

All delegates must have been individual members of the Party for at least 12 months at the closing date set for the receipt of names of delegates.

Our Conference constitutes far more than just a forum for delegates.  They provide an exciting place for a whole host of people to get together and discuss the party’s policies and priorities, attend seminars and training events, fringe events, network and exchange best practice experiences and influence policy thinking.

If you have been nominated by your CLP or Trade Union to attend Annual Conference as a delegate, you can apply online. To apply as a CLP delegate, click here or Trade Union delegate, click here.

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