Ed Miliband to make NHS "defining issue" of the next election

17 February 2012

ed milibandEd Miliband MP, Leader of the Opposition and Leader of the Labour Party, will today step up his attack on David Cameron’s Health Bill. He will tell nurses on a visit to the Royal Bolton Hospital in Bolton:

"Before he became Prime Minister, David Cameron concealed his plans for creeping privatisation of our National Health Service.

"So people didn't get a vote on these plans at the last election. But I give you my word that if he goes ahead, they will be a defining issue at the next."

He will add:

"The Prime Minister made solemn promises before the election to the country.

"No going back to waiting for hours on end in A&E.

"3000 more midwives.

"An end to hospital closures.

"And no more top-down reorganisations.

"He has broken all these promises and more.

"It is bad for our NHS and bad for politics.

"He should drop his NHS bill and at least restore one of his broken promises.

"He should listen to doctors and nurses and the 120,000 who have signed the petition urging him to drop the bill."

You can sign the petition to drop the bill here