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David Cameron to help mums
not millionaires

In April, David Cameron is giving millionaires a tax cut worth an average £100,000, at the same time he is asking mums to pay more. 

Cuts to real terms maternity pay mean a £180 ‘MUMMY TAX’ which is coming out of mums' pockets, at a time when family budgets are being stretched more than ever.

David Cameron promised to lead the most family friendly government ever. Since then he has

x   Cut child benefit for 1.2 million families from this January
x   Scrapped the £190 Health in Pregnancy Grant 
x   Scrapped the Child Trust Fund 
x   Frozen child benefit payments for three years 
x   Cut maternity pay in real terms 
x   Closed 401 Sure Start Children’s Centres.

Labour understands the pressures that
families face. That is why we:

 Increased maternity leave from 18 weeks to nine months
 Doubled maternity pay
 Opened 3,500 Sure Start Children’s Centres
 Introduced Child Tax Credits.

Now, when times are tough, families need a government that is on their side, not one that asks mums to pay more and millionaires to pay less.


Tell David Cameron to
help mums, not millionaires

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Millie and Rosie

‘This Tory-led Government is choosing to make mums pay more at the same time as they are giving millionaires an average £100, 000 tax cut. I just don’t understand how can they prioritise millionaires when mums are struggling?’

Sarah and Millie-Rose, Tameside