A manifesto for Britain

Young people

Part of Labour’s plan for building an economy that works for working people

We want the next generation to have greater opportunities than the last, but for the first time in living memory, this is at risk.

A Labour government will make sure there are opportunities for all our young people by raising school standards, transforming vocational education and guaranteeing an apprenticeship for every young person that gets the grades.

Here’s how we will make sure there is opportunity for all young people.

We will prioritise an education system that works for all children and young people

  • We will raise teaching standards by requiring every teacher to become qualified and continue to update their skills and knowledge, introducing a new Master teacher status and supporting plans for a College of Teaching.
  • We will cap class sizes for five-, six-, and seven-year-olds. We will end the wasteful and poorly performing Free Schools programme and use the money to cap infant class sizes at 30 pupils or fewer.
  • We will cut tuition fees from £9,000 to £6,000, reducing the burden of debt on students and the country, paid for by restricting Pension Tax Relief for the highest earners and clamping down on tax avoidance.
  • We will guarantee all young people face-to-face careers advice, with personalised, independent guidance on the different routes available to them.
  • We will make maths and English compulsory to 18 to improve the core skills young people need for future employment and study.
  • We will turn around underperforming schools by introducing new Directors of School Standards to monitor the performance of local schools and support them to improve.
  • We will introduce age-appropriate, compulsory sex and relationship education, and work with schools to stop the blight of homophobic bullying.
  • We will give 16- and 17-year-olds the vote and we will improve citizenship education so our young people are ready to participate in society and the democratic process.

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We will make sure there are options for young people who don’t want to pursue the traditional academic route

  • We will create a Technical Baccalaureate in schools: a gold-standard, vocational award for 16- to 18-year-olds that will combine a Level 3 qualification accredited by employers with a quality work placement. Right now, there is a lack of high quality vocational education to support young people into good jobs.
  • We will guarantee an apprenticeship to every school leaver who gets the grades so that young people who don’t go to university can get the skills they need to get on. We will require any firm that gets a large government contract to offer apprenticeships.
  • We will make new Technical Degrees the priority for expansion at university, so that young people can specialise to degree-level in vocational skills, with opportunities to work and get paid in a good job while training for their chosen career.

We will make sure there are opportunities for all our young people

  • We will guarantee a job to all young people who have been out of work for a year, paid at the National Minimum Wage. It will be a job they have to take, or they will lose their benefits.
  • We will ensure young people are in training, not on benefits, replacing out-of-work benefits for 18- to 21-year-olds with a new youth allowance that supports them to train.

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