A manifesto for Britain

This manifesto is for you.

A note from Ed Miliband

I take a simple view. We are a great country, but we can be even better.

The fundamental truth that runs through this manifesto is that Britain will only succeed when working people succeed. It is an idea at the heart of my beliefs. And it drives our better plan for a better future.

It means a country where hard work is rewarded, with high-skill, high-wage jobs. An economy built on strong and secure foundations, where we balance the books.

It means building a future for all our young people, so they can get world-class apprenticeships and access to affordable, higher education.

It means strong public services, rescuing our NHS.

It means strong communities, where power is shared by people in every part of the country and where we respond to people’s concerns about immigration, with proper controls.

It means a Britain where everyone plays by the same rules, including those at the very top of our society. And it means an outward looking country, engaged in the world for our national interest.

For me, the privilege of serving as Prime Minister in our country would be for one purpose alone: to work every day to help build a country that works again for working people.

This manifesto is our plan to achieve that goal. ‚Äč

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Labour’s Manifesto Budget Responsibility Lock

Our manifesto begins with the Budget Responsibility Lock we offer the British people. It is the basis for all our plans in this manifesto, because it is by securing our national finances that we are able to secure the family finances of the working people of Britain.

The Budget Responsibility Lock guarantees that:

  • Every policy in this manifesto is paid for. Not one commitment requires additional borrowing. We are the first party to make that pledge, and with this manifesto it is delivered. We will legislate to require all major parties to have their manifesto commitments independently audited by the Office for Budget Responsibility.
  • A Labour government will cut the deficit every year. The first line of Labour’s first Budget will be: “This Budget cuts the deficit every year.” This manifesto sets out that we will only lay a Budget before the House of Commons that cuts the deficit every year, which the OBR will independently verify.
  • We will get national debt falling and a surplus on the current budget as soon as possible in the next parliament. This manifesto sets out that we will not compromise on this commitment.

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