Liverpool Wavertree

peterdowlingHaving been out with John Prescott for the launch of, I left Aintree (well the area rather than the course as it was totally sold out) before the main event had even begun. I'd heard good things about the Labour team in Liverpool and wanted a chance to see what they were up to so I headed down to Wavertree.

With the local candidate Luciana Berger who is standing in Liverpool Wavertree preparing for that evening’s hustings, I chatted with her agent Peter Dowling about what the team had been up to.

And they'd clearly been busy, with scribbled stats all over the walls totting up all contacts with local residents, with it seemed thousands every week and month. Face to face contact has been key to getting the word out about Luciana and Labour locally, backed up by leaflets and window posters, which are so popular the team were about ready to restock them a for final push ahead of the election.

The team were even so busy they'd forgotten it was Grand National Day, not unusual in an election year apparently! But that didn't stop a quickly organised sweepstake among the volunteers half an hour before the race, so many volunteers there weren't enough horses to go round
If you live in Liverpool and fancy dropping in an offering your support to the campaign, here's where you can find the team - I know you'll receive a warm welcome!