Labour's members are our biggest donors

23 November 2011

This morning the Electoral Commission published details of donations to political parties in Q3 2011.

The Labour Party is grateful to all our donors. The Labour Party’s biggest donor is our members – this includes the 65,000 new members that we have gained since the start of the General Election campaign and under Ed Miliband’s leadership.

Under Ed Miliband’s leadership and during the General Election campaign we dramatically increased membership by recruiting 65,000 new members. This has hugely strengthened the Labour Party’s fundraising capability.

Below is an analysis of the Labour Party’s funding for the past five years:

Income from Labour Party membership fees:  

2008: £5.9m
2009: £6.1m
2010: £7.3m
2011 (projected): £7.6m  

Income from affiliation fees:

A number of socialist societies and trade unions are democratically affiliated to the Labour Party.

The affiliation fees the Labour Party receives is £7.6m annually.  

Donations from trade unions:

In addition to affiliation fees, trade unions sometimes choose to make some additional donations to support the Labour Party, particularly at General Elections.

Our donations from trade unions have been:

2008: £0.2m
2009: £0.6m
2010: £3.9m
2011: £0.1m