Labour Party donations

15 May 2013

The Labour Party have a range of funding sources. This quarter we are pleased to welcome a significant increase in donations from companies and individuals, including new donors to the Party.

The table below details our funding streams for the year to date (1 January to 30 April 2013):

Income analysis - April 2013 YTD   

Income Type  £000s  
Membership & low value donations   
 3,158  28% 
Fundraising & commercial  3,319  30%
Affiliated unions  2,568  23%
Grants  2,052  18%
Total  11,097 

Amongst the support the Labour Party has received from companies and individuals this quarter are donations from John Mills and Toni Mascolo.  

John Mills has donated £1,647,500 in company shares. He is the founder and Chairman of JML, a consumer products company and a long time Labour member.

John Mills said:

“I have supported the Labour Party all my adult life. I think that a strong left of centre party is absolutely essential for the wellbeing of the country.

“I have been fortunate to experience some success in my business career, so I am particularly pleased to have an opportunity to demonstrate my support for the Party and its leadership in a tangible way, which I hope will help to contribute to a Labour victory at the next general election.”

Mascolo Ltd is the company behind the successful Toni & Guy salons, with over 600 in the UK and worldwide. They are celebrating the 50th year this year since founding by Toni Mascolo. They will be making regular donations.

Toni Mascolo said:

"I had an opportunity last year to spend time with Ed and I both liked him and was impressed with what I saw and heard. He and I both strongly believe in the importance of training and apprenticeships in businesses both large and small, and in providing opportunities to young people who want to work hard and be successful."