Labour invites supporters to "Create our next ad"

Labours New posterLabour has called on its growing number of online supporters to lend their creative talents to designing the Party’s next campaign poster. Campaign chiefs have booked digital poster boards in London and Manchester to carry the ad, to be unveiled over Easter weekend, in an innovative first for any UK political party.

While remaining the underdogs in the General Election campaign, Labour has taken heart from the repeated ridicule that has met the Tories’ advertising efforts. Labour believe this reflects a failure of the Conservatives to understand that the public today want a dialogue with political parties rather than the mega-phone monologue being offered by the Tory posters.

Labour, working closely with Saatchi & Saatchi, Labour’s ad agency, have provided their supporters with two different briefs to highlight the sort of material they are looking for:

• Labour’s pledge to protect frontline services and

• David Cameron’s lack of substance.

Saatchi & Saatchi have been key to this strategy and approach working with the party and Douglas Alexander in the continued efforts to involve supporters more and more in the campaign. Devolving the design of their new ad campaign to their online supporters takes this strategy to a new level.

Supporters are able to read top tips from Labour’s advertising guru Philip Gould on how to create a great political poster. These are: keep the message simple; use strong images; try to weave in humour wherever possible.

Douglas Alexander MP, Labour’s General Election co-ordinator, launched the initiative saying:“In recent weeks progressives across the web have produced some striking political imagery on websites like We’ve stood back and admired this work. For those who want to extend their creative skills we are now offering them the chance to produce a poster which we will publish over the Easter weekend.”

Douglas Alexander has also studied closely the Obama campaign’s use of technology to embrace and empower supporters far beyond their own party membership.

In contrast to the Tories, Labour are sticking with their original ad agency, Saatchi and Saatchi, who have published on their website a handful of posters produced by their agency to inspire Labour supporters.

Robert Senior, Head of Saatchi & Saatchi said:

“The world of one-way communications is a bygone era. We prefer to invite our audiences to participate in the ideas and play an active part in this election, before it has even been called”.