Labour calls on Lib Dem MPs to support NHS risk register fight in Commons today

22 February 2012

Andy BurnhamCall comes as Lib Dem activists table Spring Conference motion calling for section of Health Bill to be scrapped

Andy Burnham MP, Labour's Shadow Health Secretary, speaking ahead of Labour’s opposition day debate in the House of Commons today, is calling on Liberal Democrat MPs to support his call for the Government’s risk assessment on the Health Bill to be published.

The internal risk register drawn up by the Department of Health shows the impact of the Health and Social Care Bill.

Labour are calling on the Government to respect the ruling by the Information Commissioner and to publish the risk register associated with the Health and Social Care Bill in order to ensure that it informs public and parliamentary debate.

Andy Burnham said:

“The call from Lib Dem activists for the Government to publish the risks associated with its Health Bill is a timely reminder for Liberal Democrat MPs ahead of today’s debate in Parliament.

“Whether people support the Bill or not, there is surely an overriding public interest in properly informing the debate with all relevant information.

“People care passionately about the NHS and they have a right to know the full implications of the Government’s proposed reorganisation.

“MPs and Peers simply cannot be expected to give final approval to a far-reaching change of this magnitude to our country’s best-loved institution without possession of all relevant information.

“This is not just our judgement; it is the clear ruling of the Information Commissioner. Today the House of Commons should vote for the openness and transparency that this Government once promised.

“Liberal Democrats have a tradition of support for freedom of information. Their votes today will be crucial in ensuring whether this controversial policy finally gets the full scrutiny it needs.”

You can sign the petition to drop the bill here