IT Compliance

The Labour Party recognises the need for sites to comply with the best practice, legal and regulatory guidelines. While we are not yet 100 per cent compliant with best practice we are working hard to ensure that we move towards this goal.

Privacy: Our website is compliant with legal and regulatory guidelines on data protection. We are also considering getting privacy accreditation from a third party in order to offer greater confidence to our users.

Security: Credit card donations made on-line are fully encrypted through Thawte. Other aspects of our on-line presence are being made increasingly secure in accordance with industry best practice.

Consumer protection: our website giftshop is compliant with regulations protecting the consumer and promoting fair consumer terms and conditions.

Content: Our website is in compliance with guidelines on copyright.

Disability: As shown on our disability page, our site is working towards conforming with best practice for visually impaired users and already offers a number of the recommended features.

Redress: We have in place a full complaints procedure should any user be dissatisfied with the service we offer. In case of a complaint you should contact us at:

E-campaigns unit
One Brewer's Green