Hunt can put controversy beyond doubt by publishing emails and texts - Harman

26 April 2012

Harriet HarmanHarriet Harman MP, Labour's Shadow Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport, responding to the DCMS statement on Jeremy Hunt, and the Permanent Secretary’s knowledge of Adam Smith's contact with News Corporation, said:

"The Department for Culture, Media and Sport has now said that the Permanent Secretary, Jonathan Stephens, was ‘content’ with Adam Smith’s contact with News Corporation, subject to ‘clear requirements’. This is a highly unusual arrangement. So I have today written to Mr Stephens asking him to publish the clear requirements that his department says were set out by him and the Secretary of State for Adam Smith's dealings with News Corporation.

"Yesterday Jeremy Hunt told the House that he did not know what his Special Advisor was doing. This is scarcely credible, particularly as it was in respect of such an important and controversial matter. But Jeremy Hunt can clarify this and put it beyond doubt by publishing the emails and texts between him and his Special Advisor, and I have today written to Mr Hunt challenging him to do so."