Prime Minister must investigate the serious allegations against Ms Gillan - Trickett

15 January 2012

Jon TrickettJon Trickett MP, Labour’s Shadow Minister for the Cabinet Office, responding to reports over the sale of Welsh Secretary Cheryl Gillan MP's home in Amersham close to the proposed HS2 route, said:

"If the reports in the national newspapers are accurate, it is very likely that Cheryl Gillan has breached the Ministerial Code. If true this is a shocking abuse of her Ministerial position and shows complete disregard for the constituents she has abandoned as well as the responsibilities and duties that come with her ministerial post.

“Gillan has cut and run. She has taken an option that simply wasn't available to her constituents and her actions have damaged not just her own reputation and credibility but that of the Government.

“I have written to the Prime Minister, asking him to take immediate action and investigate the very serious allegations with which Ms Gillan is charged."