From 'hug a hoodie' to 'wear a hoodie' - Ed Miliband

Ed MilibandDavid Cameron yesterday described the rise in prices at British Gas as "disappointing".
Today Downing Street tells people to consider wearing jumpers to keep warm.
Their crime policy used to be ‘hug a hoodie’. Now their energy policy appears to be ‘wear a hoodie’.
These responses to the energy price rises show how little Mr Cameron and his government stand up for the interests of hard working people.
He has no grip on the cost of living crisis and he seems to think the solution to this crisis is nothing to do with him.

Energy bills are already up by an average £300 since he took office. The price hikes we are seeing point to a market that isn't working for consumers.

Yet his solution to this market failure was to tell people to shop around and dress warmly .
Of course people will rightly seek the best deal they can find but that will not fix a broken market, and will not bring the kind of relief that consumers and businesses need.
In three short weeks we have seen all the hallmarks of David Cameron in a panic. Going from denial of the problem to abdication of responsibility.

The first response to Labour's proposed price freeze was to question why action was needed at all.

Next came the failed attempt to discredit Labour's plan with the government supporting scare stories by the energy companies.

And then came the weakest excuse: don't blame me, I'm only the Prime Minister.
He is not powerless against the power companies. He just chooses not to use the power he has.

My promise is simple. The next Labour government will reset the energy market to restore trust and fairness, with tough regulation, alongside proper competition and transparency. This long-term framework is right for the consumer and right to help ensure the investment that is needed.

And while we put these reforms in place, we will freeze your energy bills for 20 months, from the General Election in May 2015 until January 2017.

Never let the Government tell you that there's nothing they can do, or that it's your responsibility to sort out the problems in our energy market.

They could act – they just choose not to.

We have a Prime Minister unwilling to take the side of hard working people. Unwilling to act against the energy companies, unwilling to stand up against the strong. The next Labour government will stand up for you.


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