Freud's comparison of corpses & people on benefits disgusting - Byrne

23 November 2012

Liam Byrne

Liam Byrne MP, Labour's Shadow Work and Pensions Secretary, said in response to Tory Welfare Minister Lord Freud's comparison of people on benefits with corpses in an interview with The House magazine:

"The nasty party is well and truly back.

"Lord Freud is a former investment banker and now a minister of the crown. For him of all people to compare people on benefits to corpses and likening their lives to a funeral is quite frankly disgusting.

"Before the summer his boss Iain Duncan Smith had the temerity to call Remploy workers idlers who did nothing better than sit around drinking coffee. He sacked over 1,000 of them and only 35 have managed to find work again.

"He is quite clearly a man in total denial about the pain his policies are about to cause. Shelter have begged the government to consider the ‘terrifying reality’ of the damage they are doing. Scope talk of disabled people facing a tipping point, risking poverty, debt and isolation.

"This government is next year about to take out billions from disability help and housing. All to pay for their catastrophic failure to get Britain back to work, and a 3 billion tax giveaway to Britain's richest citizens.

"This government's so-called welfare revolution is collapsing around its ears. The work programme isn't working. Universal Credit has become universal chaos. Yet Lord Freud's response is to kick people when they are down and not even pretend to offer a helping hand.

"Lord Freud should be ashamed of himself, and his government should too."