Freeze that bill

Author: Ed Miliband

Over the last three years, I’ve visited cities, towns and villages across the country. I’ve heard thousands of stories about the lives of people in Britain. But when I ask how things are going, I hear the same thing everywhere: the cost of living is too high, and getting higher.

I hear about people whose every gas and electricity bill is higher than the last. And I hear the anger those people feel when they see the news and learn that the energy companies are enjoying higher and higher profits.

This isn’t just something happening now and again -- it’s become the norm. Millions of ordinary families are struggling to keep up with bills that are rising faster than wages. Since David Cameron became Prime Minister, he’s allowed gas and electricity bills to rise by an average of £300 a year.

It doesn’t have to be like that. We can stop these bills rising.

We can act to make life easier for millions of hardworking families by creating a tough new regulator with the power to challenge the power companies and keep prices down.

I’m going to halt the rise in gas and electricity bills and freeze them until 2017.


Under the Tories, you’ve overpaid. Labour will put a stop to this.

We’ll fight the cost of living crisis -- and in the process, we’ll build an economy that works for working people, not just the privileged few.

Find out how much you would save under Labour: