We'll continue to pressure the Government to roll out ex-gratia victims of overseas terrorism scheme as quickly as possible - Khan

16 April 2012

Sadiq KhanSadiq Khan MP, Labour's Shadow Justice Secretary, commenting on today’s announcement by the Ministry of Justice on details of the ex-gratia scheme to compensate victims of overseas terrorism, said:
“Today’s long delayed announcement is another important step forward in compensating the innocent British victims of overseas terrorist atrocities such as in Bali and Mumbai. It’s now two years since cross-party agreement was reached on a scheme supporting those whose lives were devastated by simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time. We’ll continue to pressure the Tory-led Government to roll out the scheme as quickly as possible, as the delay to date has only compounded the misery of these innocent victims and their families.
Additionally, the Government needs to bring forward as a matter of urgency the scheme to cover those affected by any future terrorist attacks. Although we sincerely hope that use of such a scheme will never be required, it is important that is not further delayed.”