This disarray is causing deep concern and undermining our country's interests - Murphy

16 April 2012

Jim MurphyJim Murphy MP, Labour’s Shadow Defence Secretary, following today’s reports that the Military are set to advise David Cameron to u-turn on his carrier strike policy announced in the strategic Defence and Security Review, said:
"This u-turn would be a humiliation for the Prime Minister.
“This is a mess entirely of Ministers’ own making. The Government acted without strategy and in haste. The aircraft carrier programme goes to the heart of our ability to act in the world but is now confused and incoherent.
“The Government’s rushed defence review failed to match ends with means. Ministers recognised the value of carrier strike yet cut it for a decade and based our future policy on equipment which may be unaffordable. Ministers overturned and criticised Labour’s preferred option but it now appears this was the best option.
"This was all so avoidable. There are now very serious issues around cost, capability and timescale which must be resolved. This disarray is causing deep concern and undermining our country’s interests.”