'Homeland' actor David Harewood to star in Labour's final Party Election Broadcast

30 April 2012

rose30Acclaimed actor David Harewood, currently appearing in US based drama 'Homeland', will present Labour’s final English Local Elections Broadcast today.

In the film, David returns to his home town of Birmingham to urge voters to back Labour in this Thursday's local elections.

He talks about the difficulties many families are facing with rising prices, the Tory led Government’s decision to give a tax cut to millionaires at the same time as they are hitting hard working families and introducing a 'granny tax', and David Cameron's costly reorganisation of the NHS.

David also sets out how Labour would put 100,000 young people back to work by taxing bankers' bonuses, stop nurses being laid off, and help millions of pensioners by taking on the energy companies.

The film closes with Labour's Leader Ed Miliband talk ing about how the Labour Party would tackle rip off gas and electricity bills, create real jobs for young people, and change the economy so it works for all working people - not just a few millionaires.

Speaking ahead of tonight's broadcast, David Harewood said:

"I'm very grateful to the Labour Party for asking me to represent them in this way, it's a great honour and I'm very proud of it. I hope it encourages everybody else to play their part on May 3rd."