Hard-pressed families and pensioners will be astonished that Centrica are now threatening another round of price hikes - Flint

11 May 2012

Caroline FlintCaroline Flint MP, Labour's Shadow Energy and Climate Change Secretary, commenting on the warning from Centrica, the owner of British Gas, that households will see their energy bills rise again this year, said:
"Hard-pressed families and pensioners struggling to make ends meet thanks to the recession made in Downing Street, will be astonished that Centrica, who made billions in profits and paid out millions in bonuses last year, are now threatening another round of price hikes.
"When wholesale prices rises, energy bills rise like a rocket. But when they fall, bills come down like a feather. Instead of letting the energy giants get away with trying to soften up their customers for bumper bills, the Government must make the energy companies come clean about the price at which they buy and sell energy.

"Labour will stand up to powerful vested interests in the energy industry and help families and pensioners, including by forcing energy companies to guarantee that those over 75 will be placed on the cheapest tariff for their gas and electricity. For the long-term, we need fundamental reform to make our energy market work in the public interest."