Cameron warned he faces a problem of principle not PR

Ed Miliband

Ed Miliband MP, Leader of the Labour Party, today accused David Cameron and Nick Clegg of risking the future of the NHS with their reforms.

After Mr Cameron held an NHS ‘listening exercise’ inside Downing Street, Labour released a document showing the hidden reality of the Health and Social Care Bill. To read the document click here.

And Mr Miliband warned Mr Cameron and Mr Clegg “it’s not a problem of public relations, it’s a problem of principle”. 

The five examples of risks in the Bill are:

1. The prospect of huge fines – up to 10% of their income – for hospitals found to be breaching competition law. 

2. Hospitals being subject to insolvency laws meaning they can go bust and leave patients without vital services .

3. Decisions about Health Services being made in the courts by lawyers and judges instead of doctors and nurses. 

4. Lengthening waiting lists as caps on the number of private patients treated in NHS hospitals are lifted and health service beds are handed over to fee-paying customers.

5. GPs getting new powers to charge for services.

Ed Miliband said: 

“If the Prime Minister wants to listen, he should listen not to his Deputy, but to the nurses, patients and others. 

"He appears to believe that people don’t like his bill because his Government haven’t explained it properly. 

"But the opposite is true. 

"The more people understand and hear about these proposals, the less they like them.

"It’s not a problem of public relations, it’s a problem of principle.”

He will add:

“The Health Service faces huge challenges from an ageing population to rising chronic disease. These challenges demand reforms to make the NHS more accountable to patients, more focused on prevention and to better integrate care and strengthen collaboration.”

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