Cameron showing increasing signs of having a bunker mentality - Dugher

7 May 2012

Michael DugherMichael Dugher MP, Labour's Shadow Cabinet Office Minister, said in response to David Cameron's Telegraph piece today:

"David Cameron is showing increasing signs of having a bunker mentality. After two years in Downing Street, with one million young people out of work and an economy in recession, he says the lesson is that he needs to put in some 'hard work'. Only this out-of-touch Prime Minister would have taken 730 days to figure that out. Cameron thinks the message from the local elections is that he should plough on with his policies regardless. The problem is not the Government's spin, it's Cameron and Osborne's recession. Until we see a proper plan for jobs and growth, and real help for people whose incomes are being squeezed, no one will believe that David Cameron gets it."