It's hurting

The Tory-led Government is hitting people across the country hard through their reckless cuts which go too far and too fast. Yet at the same time they have chosen to cut taxes for the banks this year. 

Did you realise that:

  • The VAT rise will cost families with children £450 this year alone
  • Tax credits and child benefit will be frozen from April
  • Petrol prices are soaring with the VAT rise adding 3p per litre
  • Economic growth has stalled
  • Unemployment is rising again – now at a 17 year high
  • Nearly 1 million young people are now out of work


But it's not working

George Osborne’s decision to cut too far and too fast has threatened the already fragile economic recovery. 

Ten wasted months in office and this Government still has no plan for growth. 

We need a plan that puts jobs and growth first. Getting more people into work and the economy growing strongly again is the best way to get the deficit down. 

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