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Campaign memo from Douglas Alexander: Our different approaches

At the heart of our campaign will be the unprecedented goal to have four million conversations with voters and to talk with people, not at them or over their heads.

Labour’s plan for the NHS

Building an NHS with the time to care: 20,000 more nurses 8,000 more GPs A GP appointment within 48 hours Cancer tests and results within a week

David Cameron’s bare-knuckle fight with promise-keeping

Before the 2010 election, David Cameron promised a “bare-knuckle fight” to save specific hospitals and prevent closures of A&E or maternity services. What happened next? Services the Tories previously promised to save have either been closed, downgraded or face a threat of closure. This is one in a long line of Tory broken promises.

Nine days, nine regions: If we want a Labour government, we’ve got to fight for it

Today I've reached the ninth and final day of my Labour doorstep marathon, and I'll be making my final five stops on a whirlwind tour through my own region of Yorkshire & Humber.

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