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Three reasons the Tories will raise VAT...

Three reasons the Tories will raise VAT if they win in May.

VAT is the tax the Tories love to raise

Whatever the Tories say before the election, they raise VAT after. No matter what the Tories say, Labour won’t put up National Insurance.

The Tories will raise VAT again

It’s now clear that the Tories are planning to raise VAT again. The next Labour government will not raise VAT.

The Tories will cut to the bone

When George Osborne delivered his budget on 18 March, he wanted people to believe he had eased off his extreme and risky spending plans. He hasn’t. Independent experts have said the Tories are planning a “sharp acceleration” in spending cuts.

The Budget: 5 things you need to know

There’s never been a bigger gap between the rhetoric of the Chancellor’s speech and the reality of people’s lives.

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