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Politics: most people just aren’t tuning in

Trust in politics is at a record low. Across the country people struggle to get by, but they just don’t see politics and Parliament as having any of the answers.

David Cameron's “Lidl People”

The heart of our campaign is a dialogue with the public, away from the sound and fury of Westminster. It is in these everyday conversations with local people, in communities across the country, that we’re making progress -- not by patronising anyone as “Lidl people”.

Labour’s plan to cut tuition fees – five things you need to know

Labour will cut tuition fees to £6,000: it’s good for students and it’s good for taxpayers.

50 years since A Policy For The Arts – The First Steps

50 years ago, Jennie Lee published A Policy For The Arts – The First Steps. This was the first national policy on the arts.

Happy Chinese New Year

On behalf of the Labour Party, I would like to wish you all a prosperous, successful and happy year ahead.

Six things you need to know about Labour’s plans to protect animals

A summary of Labour's plans to protect animals.

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