Our largest ever National Campaign Day

John TrickettAs we move on from our annual conference, The Labour Party is changing gear.

We are taking our message out of the conference hall and into the church halls, as well as the market squares and streets of Britain.

We are the largest political party in Western Europe, with hundreds of thousands of members. 

As National Campaign Co-ordinator I want to see the party drawing a line under the divisions in the leadership election. With Jeremy now as our undisputed leader, this Saturday we will come together in what will be the biggest National Campaign Day in the history of the Labour Party. 

We have printed half a million leaflets, organised stalls all over the country and we have mobilised thousands of members.

Our key task now is to take on the Tories and the divided Britain which they have created.

Our campaign on Saturday will highlight the horrific Tory proposal that the future of every one of our children is determined by a test at age 11. They want to have children segregated and where there will be a privileged education for a few but a second class education for the rest.

Labour by contrast says that every single child matters.

Angela Rayner, our Shadow Education Secretary, has worked tirelessly to oppose these plans. In her conference speech, Angela said the Prime Minster “has produced no evidence that grammar schools help social mobility. Selection - or segregation as it should be called - entrenches division and increases inequality.”

Angela has promised to fight these plans with every breath in her body. I stand with her and ask every party member - whoever they voted for as Leader - to do the same.

There can be few more precious things in life than to ensure that every young person gets a proper start in life. 

I know that when Labour joins this fight, we speak not only for the kids but for the basic sense of fairness which the whole country believes in.
Join the National Campaign Action Day and campaign for education not segregation. You can also sign the petition here: labour.org.uk/grammars

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Our largest ever National Campaign Day